The 4 Lead Generation Tips Used By Successful Entrepreneurs

Generating Leads

The 4 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Generate Leads: And How To Copy what They Do

Lead generation for any small business comes down to some basics that we as small business owners sometimes overlook.  Its a simple formula!  Lets face it…who has time for optimizing websites, posting on social media, and creating ads that convert.

I know when my wife and I had a brick and mortar business, we certainly didn’t have time for digital marketing. We knew what we should be doing but we were too busy with payroll, taxes, retail, customer service and managing employees.  Even though we knew that we needed to be proactive with social media and we needed a good website, we still did not know the magic formula for small business lead generation.

So what is the formula? Its actually pretty simple and it can be summed up in four easy steps

  • Website

  • Traffic

  • Lead Capture

  • Automation (Followup)

I know it sounds too simple and stupid easy but lead generation really is just combining these four elements with your already awesome business model.  If your business model is not already awesome, just ignore this entire post,  dissolve your current business and start from scratch.

Don’t worry, I’m going to break down all four of these topics into smaller elements so you know exactly how this equation works.


First lets talk about websites. And NO…I’m not talking about those drag and drop builders like Wix, Square Space, Weebly and other so called “easy to create” websites.  those things are a trap and I’m going to explain more about it later in this post.    I’m talking about a no kidding website created with WordPress or a system that builds on WordPress.

Why should you avoid using drag and drop website builders like the ones mentioned above. Well for starters…when you use Wix, Weebly, Godaddy, Square Space, Clickfunnels and other platforms, you are throwing your organic lead generation down the drain.   I’ll explain in detail but for starters when using drag and drop builders, you do not own your domain.  Thats right, these platforms own your domain and if you wanted to host it on a faster more reliable platform…there is no way that you can move it because they own it.   why would you want to move platforms you might ask?  Thats a good question.

In the most simplest terms, these platforms that make it easy to create “websites” can have issues which affect the load speed time of your website.  And Google ranks based highly on speed load times.

More Code = Bad SEO

Also, In order for drag&drop website builders  to be extremely easy for business owners, they have to use a ton of backend code.  So to you, a simple box or headline in the website looks great but to Google those easy drag and drop boxes looks like a ton of code which makes it difficult for the Google spiders to read.  This significantly decreases your ranking position in Google. Which in turn makes it very difficult for customers to find you. This hinders lead generation because your customers can’f find you.

WordPress on the other hand, is not that easy to use but the platform does not use a ton of back end code. Thats because they use plug-ins that are designed to function without a lot of code, This makes for faster load times and it allows for an easy read when the Google spiders are dispatched.  This ultimately gets your page ranked higher. And the best part is that you actually own your website when its created on a wordpress backed platform.  You can host your website where ever you like and you can change hosting companies as you see fit.

We recommend using a Insutanto which is a wordpress based system.  We also recommend that you get Insutanto to host your website or go with bluehost. Along with a wordpress builder, Insutanto also has several other lead generation applications like funnels, ecommerce, landing pages, webinars, and auto responders.


Once you have your wordpress based website, there is still a little more work  for your organic lead generation. Next you’ll need to start driving traffic. Driving traffic can be accomplished in all kinds of ways. We prefer to drive traffic through social media ads and Good Will Content.  Why do we like these two methods? Its because social media ads are powerful and they are affordable.  Facebook™ has 2 Billion users and they own Instagram.

Their platform has over 50K variables that allow you to target your ideal client…So why wouldn’t we use social media platforms like Facebook™.  We know that if you are new to running social media ads, they  can get a little intimidating. But thats why we created this training page! So just scroll around a little on this page and you’ll find plenty of training on how to run Facebook Ads without throwing away your money.

Lead Capture

Now that you have your ads in place. You ned to start collect lead information. Just set those ads up to collect contact information.  Messenger bots are hot right now and they collect contact information very well. There are other ways to collect contact information but we recommend that you start with messenger bots because they are easy and they have an extremely high open rate.


When I had my gym people used to tell me all the time “I didn’t buy because you have a great gym (product), I bought because of you.”   People buy from you because they know like and trust you. Sometimes it takes awhile to build that trust but many small businesses don’t capitalize on the know like and trust factor.

Most small businesses operate on the assumption that if someone did not buy they must not need my product or service.  That is simply not true.  Its said that a consumer has to make some sort of contact with the business five times before they actually buy.  Meaning they need to see a product, the business or the owner five times before making a purchase decision.

knowing that a consumer needs to see a product five times before purchasing, wouldn’t it make since that small businesses should be proactively making contact with them after the first initial contact.  I would say YES. Of course we need to followup with prospects.  Automation allows you to followup with consumers and speedup the know like and trust factor. Luckily, there are several automation platforms available that allow small businesses to send messages automatically to their prospective customers!


Contact Relationship Managers (CRM) such as ActiveCampaign, Aweber and others allow you to send automatic messages when a prospect takes a specific action.  For example, if a prospect lands on your website and you collect contact information from a bot or a landing page, your CRM system will send sales messages to your prospect until they purchase. Although this is extremely powerful, be careful because there are strict federal guidelines that regulate CRM. Just check the laws before you start sending prospects to your CRM.

check out Insutanto when you have a sec. This platform allows you to build WordPress based websites with the same ease as those other so called website builders (that are actually only landing page builders).  Insutanto also hosts your website, gives pointers on SEO, has built in conversation bots. It would be easier for me to list what this platform cannot do but I’ll still list some features:

  • WordPress Websites
  • Sales Funnels
  • Automation
  • Webinars
  • 50 Conversation Bot Templates
  • Social Media Management

And the list goes on!!!! Give it a shot. You can get 14 Days FREE here…



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