3 Things Search Engines Want To See – Using Links The Engines Will Like

3 Things Search Engines Want To See - Using Links The Engines Will Like

Optimization used to be the principal variable search engines utilized to determine a website’s rank. But, it currently constitutes only about 10% of the total algorithms. What carries the most weight with search engines today is linking.

Linking is the process of connecting to other websites which are linked to your target market which are highly ranked, rather than getting them to link to you. Google has, by far, the largest proportion of this search engine marketplace, plus they are link-driven. The other search engines tend to follow Google’s lead, so the sector is moving faster in this way.

3 Tips for Building Smart LinksM

When choosing which sites you would like to join to, keep in mind what the search engines need to see:

Natural link

• Search engines are looking for organic outcomes. According to Bruce Chapman of all http://Linkateer.com, the number one search engine positioning firm online,”One of the things we try to do is ensure each one of our hyperlinks is pertinent to that specific type of company.” If your website sells cosmetics, a pure connection is to a site that provides makeup application methods. An unnatural connection would be to a celebrity’s fan club site. Says Chapman,”When it’s not natural, it’s going to be a problem.”

Quality link

• Search engines are looking for consistent outcomes. More links aren’t necessarily better. Gaining 20,000 links this month and 13 hyperlinks each month will trip their filters also, for all your job, you are likely to wind up dropping in the rankings.

Reciprocal link

• Search engines are searching for one-way links. Reciprocal links are often just people exchanging links to increase their connection counts. The search engines have grown wise to this clinic and adapted their algorithms. Says Chapman,”If one site wishes to link to another website, that’s revealing that the second website has something of worth… The one time link is probably worth 20 times as far as a reciprocal link.”

Achieving Natural Results

It takes time to achieve good positioning in the search engines, particularly with the more competitive key phrases. Any attempts to trick the engines might work for some time; but they’re becoming more and more sophisticated, and they will eventually catch up with you.

Not only does your trick no longer do the job, but you may get blackballed or be penalized in your rankings. The best approach to achieve high rankings is to give the search engines what they’re searching for–good fresh content and related links.

Here’s a step by step guide by Neil Patel on how to improve your rankings without getting penalized https://neilpatel.com/blog/improve-google-rankings-without-getting-penalized/

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