7 Free Search Engine Optimization and Writing Tools

7 Free Search Engine Optimization and Writing Tools

Traffic. Everybody wants free traffic, and the better way to do it than optimizing your website?

There are a number of very easy things which you are able to do to maximize your website. If you would like to get more out of your site, then implement these strategiesand use these resources, and then make your website spider food for the search engines.

Following are a few of the greatest websites I have found for optimizing my site.

1. Assess your website.

Before you begin tweaking your website, you have to be certain it’s either in Google or not banned by Google.

The reality isthat you would like to maximize your website to Google, and that’s currently the number one search engine on earth.

It will not do you any good to optimize your website if Google will not accept it.

Utilize this tool to confirm your own website.

2. Toolkits

If you’re able to discover the tools that you need in a group, this can save a great deal of time, in addition to frustration because you will know precisely what you want to do to properly optimize your own website.

You will want to check unique facets of your site like page rank, metatag information, and hyperlinks.

This website, besides supplying a discussion on search engine optimization, also offers a great assortment of resources for assisting you to optimize your website.

Both of these sites also offer search engine marketing tools. It is really an issue of taste, and what resources you want to maximize your website.

Check the tools here: https://backlinko.com/best-free-seo-tools

3. SEO Software

It is also possible to use software that will assist you maximize your website. Where software will help you the most is to really help you optimize your website for the search phrases you’re trying to aim. It is a waste of time to maximize your website when you have not optimized to the ideal key phrases.

Here is the software that I use, and it is completely free. It works for both MAC and PC, also it’s some of their best documentation I have ever seen on search engine optimization as it is written for the ordinary individual. Additionally, it contains a basic search engine optimization training course, a 50 page manual, and excellent, step-by-step instructions for preparing your site for its search engines.

Internet CEO – http://www.webceo.com

4. ROR Generator/Robots Text Generator

A what?

ROR is similar to a robots.txt file as it provides information on your website.

After the search engines spider your website, they’ll spider this file and also have a better description of what the website is all about.

Should you have a members’ area, or you sell anything, then you do not need to have the search engines spidering your download pages.

5. Site Map

A site map isn’t merely a fantastic tool for letting your customers know where everything is located on your website, it may also assist you with the search engines.

By making a site map, then you’ll get an index of all of the pages on your own site. After the search engines spider your website, they will come across every one the pages. This can aid you with your positions.

Developing a site map, especially in the event that you have hundreds, or perhaps tens of thousands of pages on your website, may be quite time consuming. This generator will speed up this procedure.

6. XML Site Generator

This is not written to your visitors however. It is written for the search engines so they can come across every one the webpages on your own site.

Even in the event that you include a sitemap on your website for your customers, I’d still advise that you use an XML sitemap. This can accelerate the process of having your website indexed by Google. This is an simple means to be certain all your pages get indexed.

Creating a site is easy. As soon as you’ve created your site, submit it on Google.

Submit your site to Google – https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login

7. Linking

There has been a good deal of discussion about linking because linking is among the main strategies for getting high ranking in search engines.

The more links you have pointing back to your website, the higher the page rank you’ll receive, in addition to making a way for others to locate you. You are able to take advantage of this approach to get referrals from other websites, which is traffic. It is concentrated, and you are being recommended by another website.

See that you are linked to original.

As soon as you’ve checked your link popularity, start by building links back to your website. Below are two websites offering directories you can publish your website to.

Free directories that don’t expect a link – http://www.directoriezsubmission.com/free-web-directories.htm

Linking can drive a great deal of visitors to your website. The more backlinks you have pointing back to your website, the more popular it’ll be. You will also receive a whole lot more traffic.

Before you begin to market, complete your website. Optimize it for the search engines, and then utilize these tools that will assist you get higher positions.


Here’s another great list of FREE too you can use: https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/11/07/10-useful-tools-for-writing-compelling-content-for-seo/

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