What’s In The Perfect Marketing System? Part 1

What’s in the Perfect Marketing System?

Automated System

No matter what you sell. No matter the niche.  A business needs an automated marketing system. It seems so illusive right… the notion of an automated marketing system seems so far fetched. At least it seemed that way for my wife and I when we owned a brick and mortar fitness facility.

We were so consumed with operations and keeping the doors open that “marketing” often to a back seat.  It took a back seat to things like:

  • Customer Service
  • Pay Role
  • Cleaning
  • Planning Workouts
  • Taxes
  • Rumor Control ( small town gossip)
  • And Tons Of Other Operational Stuff

Who can actually find time to effectively brand and market their business with all the basic operations?

We were good at certain things but we never had an automated system that Generated Leads, Nurtured Relationships and Increased Revenue!

Where to start

You have to start like any good AA meeting (I’ve never been to an AA meeting).  You have to admit that there is a problem.  For me, as an owner of a fitness facility, I had a type “A” personality.  A personality that did not allow me to admit defeat.  I personality that wanted to be in charge of all aspects of my business.

You can see where I’m going with that.  I wanted to be in control of everything and it got so obnoxious that I didn’t even recognize it as a problem.

It wasn’t until I had to move locations due to a conflict with my landlord that it hit me.  When we moved locations, we lost about one third of our clients.  I guess that didn’t want to drive five miles down the road to our new location.

Generating Leads is Not Enough

I shifted into overdrive…I ran Facebook™ ads like crazy and I was getting leads.  It seemed that I was getting so many leads that I couldn’t keep up. It was so crazy that I was getting people mixed up with one another and my loyal clients were started to feel neglected because I was constantly thinking about “how to get new leads and convert them to customers.”

Then I started researching top Fortune 500 companies and influencers like Frank Kern and Russell Brunson.  I saw a trend among successful businesses.  What I found was most successful companies, no matter the niche, had five things in common.  the five things would eventually become the foundation of every campaign that we ran for our clients.


My wife and I broke down these five things into simple elements.  We gave the elements a name so that it would be easier to remember…we call it Web-SLAP.

Web-SLAP is an acronym for the AUTOMATED  MARKETING SYSTEM that saved our business and has helped many others Generated leads, nurture relationships and increase revenue!

Web-SLAP represents:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Lead Generation
  • Automation
  • Profit/Traffic

In tomorrows post (Part 2), I’m going to breakdown the Web-SLAP system so you can see how it works with any niche.

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