4 Things Every Business Owner Knows They Should Do But Never Takes The Time To Do

There are FOUR things that all business owners know they need to do. However VERY few business owners actually take the time to get them done!

We all know that every business starts with a clear message…but how do you come up with a good one-liner.

I explain it more in the video below. Watch the video below for more info…


1.) Make sure you have a one-liner

Donald Miller, CEO of Story Brand,  has some great worksheets that can help entrepreneurs clarify their message.  Those worksheets can also help create a one-liner that resinates with potential customers.

2.) Solid Website

Every great business begins with a good website.  Websites should include 5 elements that help generate leads and convert into sales.

3.) Lead Magnet

The number one thing that business owners do not take the time to create…

A LEAD MAGNET!!! This should not be thought of as an option but a necessity!

4.) Email Automation

Email automation will segment your audience and let you know who is engaged with your brand.  This will also allow you to sell products and services to customers based on their habits and actions.   Segmenting your audience takes all the guesswork out of marketing and can save you thousands!

BONUS 5 .) High Converting Cart

A cart with the ability to offer sales pages, bump offers, upsells, and downsells, will increase conversions and revenue. There are a few competing cart platforms right now. You can find a great comparison of the best two cart systems on the market. These two cart platforms both have pros and cons and they are both worth a review.


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